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Hand Roll

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Product Name: hand roll


100 pieces half cut 

Single-wing and double-wing

Ingredients: 100% dried seaweed

Origin: Nantong, Jiangsu

Net content: 120g

Production date: see the seal

Shelf life: 12 months

Storage conditions: cool, dry and dark place

Warm tip: do not use desiccant inside


1. In order to taste better, you can put the prepared seafood materials in the refrigerator (not the freezer) for an hour.

2. Use different materials and sauces as you like. The dosage depends on the situation.

3. Ratio of vinegar to rice: when making sushi rice, usually add 1 bowl of sushi vinegar to 5 bowls of sushi rice, and mix evenly. Note that sushi rice should be kept at a temperature of about 40 ℃. When mixing, it is better to use wooden spoon and wooden container, and use wooden spoon to "chop" the sushi rice with vinegar, so as to mix it well.

5. Material reference: hand curled seaweed (recommended crown seaweed)

Sashimi: salmon (salmon), tuna (tuna, tuna), snapper (yellow tail), snapper, bonito, mackerel

All kinds of seafood: squid (cuttlefish), octopus, shrimp, eel, roe, sea urchin, Arctic shell, etc

Fruit and vegetable: pickled radish, pickled plum, natto, avocado (avocado), cucumber (cucumber), fried tofu

Red meat: beef, horse meat, ham

Others: fried eggs, raw quail eggs



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